MY MONTH WITH: The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Fake Watches

Yes, like everybody else, I love the appearance and performance of the Tudor Black Bay GMT replica watches, but being more of a classic watch guy, the size and retro layout of the Fifty-Eight actually appealed to me personally. I have been dying to get my hands on the watch ever since, and I guess I was not the only person. The same as the GMT, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight has been an immediate success for Tudor replica watches , and if you’ve tried looking for one, you would know that it’s not as likely to find a single available to buy, let alone at anywhere close retail cost. When I had been fortunate enough to get onemy expectations were sky-high and I am pleased to mention that the Fifty-Eight did not disappoint.

My first impression was… the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight replica watches is one of these watches that looks great in photographs, as well as better from the metal. Not only does it look the part, but in addition, it feels extremely well-made and like it could take its fair share of abuse. The dimensions, overall proportions, the texture, the satisfying click of the bezel, it just… works.

After I place it on it felt… comfortable, in a excellent way. I loved the way that watch seemed, but I actually did not use it much. It was too large, too chunky and not very versatile. Whilst the Tudor Black Bay bronze imitation watches looks and feels very much like the regular Black Bay, it comes in at a great 39mm diameter and wears superbly on the wrist. It’s a watch that is so comfortable you will forget you have it on.

Looks-wise… that the Fifty-Eight has got vintage appeal. It takes inspiration from Tudor’s”Big Crown” Submariner, that was released in, you guessed it, 1958. Together with the gilt details about the dial, rose gold markers on the bezel, red triangle enclosing the lume pip, and the riveted necklace, the Fifty-Eight offers a modern watch with vintage charm. An embossed improved on the crown and also an uncoloured crown tube complete the picture and make this a very clean, elegant and elegant Black Bay.

What stood out to me… was exactly how large a difference a few millimetres can make. When compared with the 41mm variant, the case of the Fifty-Eight isn’t only thinner and smaller, but it’s also more pliable and curved. These tiny alterations bring about a huge improvement on the wrist, and although it’s only a few millimetres here and there, let’s not forget that Tudor Black Bay chrono imitation watches also designed a whole new motion for this watch.

It has become my everyday beater, even if you could call it a beater. I am really excited to see where Tudor is headed with the Fifty-Eight line. We will, undoubtedly, see a blue, burgundy, and *fingers-crossed* a GMT version of the watch in the not too distant future.